Nitropunk Series 1

Welcome to the Nitroverse!

Inspired by classic arcade racing games like OutRun and Cruis'n USA, Nitropunk cars are a collection of 10,000 unique, collectable, and soon raceable NFTs on the Solana blockchain!

Each animated pixel car is randomly crafted from multiple properties like car bodies, paint jobs, wraps, wheels, spoilers, body kits, and more with over 1 billion combinations.

What’s next?


Located in the year 2188, Nitro City is a welcoming metropolis of vice and destruction. The main economic driver is street racing with all the infamy and fortune comes along with being a champion.

Desperate people from across the world drive to this sprawling metropolis seeking a change in their future on the roadway, only to find they can make money in a multitude of ways. Alongside street racing is an entire black market full filled with games of chance.

The more effort that people spend leveling up their street cred; the more games of chance become available to them. Spend enough time in the back alleyways, and everyone eventually gets what they deserve.

This city is more than just a race, this is an entire world of opportunity.

1Stealth launch
2Nitro loot
3Nitropunk NFT release
4Nitro Circuit
5Worldwide expansion and block arcade
Nitro City

Who’s behind Nitropunk?

Developer - octalmage
Designer - bacon
Community Manager - lowoncyan
lowoncyanCommunity Manager
Developer - almart